I should be working…

I should be working but instead I’m starting a blog. Friday, September 28, 2012 I am putting my thoughts of my sports teams (Ravens, Orioles, Wizards, Notre Dame football), movies and everything in between in this little thing called life in writing. Who will see it? Good question, probably not too many but I like to think of this blog as a version of Monday Morning Quarterback by Peter King. I’ll express my thoughts and hope to hear back from some people. Why have I started this? Last night, while watching the Ravens and Browns game, I was trying to explain to my girlfriend Carolyn (who I will probably talk about a lot here)  the significant of the loss of Terrell Suggs to the Ravens defense and how a pass rush makes a defense flow from the defensive line to the defensive backs. While explaining this after 5 minutes, I asked, “You following me?” To which I received a dazed and confused look. So why not put my thoughts out there and talk with people how know and understand what I’m saying?

I can’t say how often I will be blogging but I hope to update it every few days or so. Shall we begin?

I should be working…
but I thinking about the Ravens and Browns game last night. Some of the things I came away with were:

– I was pretty impressed with the Browns. I thought coming out of college, Weeden would not be a good QB in the league for at least a few years. Last night, he looked very good. He got absolutely no help from his WRs. Greg Little, for all the physical tools, doesn’t have the most critical thing a WR needs: HANDS.
-Richardson, at times looked beastly, as he dragged several Ravens players at least three yards on a carry. He will be a force to be reckon with once the offense gets better. Although outside of a few dump offs that Richardson got decent yardage out of. I thought the Ravens held him pretty well. The rush defense of the Ravens has been suspect this year. So for them to play well against Richardson was good to see.
-The effects of Suggs not being on the field becomes more evident with each game. The CBs are being left to dry out there as the pass rush isn’t very good at all right now. Pees has to find more effective ways to get pressure on the QB.

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